Glalove brand came from an idea to improve health in an easy and freestyle.

In modern society, there is an increasing number of individuals worldwide who report a general malaise and subopimal health. Sitting for prolonged periods caused back/shoulder pain, Wrist Strain, and Eye Strain.

Glalove aims to develop at-home personal health care products which are easy and convenient to use.

To improve your health is the core value we are pursuing. Glalove has developed electronic acupuncture pen(for Pain Relief) and compression Gloves. Those products are popular among US and Canada consumers.

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Glalove Anti Snoring Devices,

70 Reviews $20.90 $17.99

SUPER ADSORPTION & UPGRADED DESIGN: Our product are safe, BPA-free, and environmentally friendly with no side effects. The clip has been upgraded to a strong magnet. And nasal congestion already updated design with optimal improvements, this makes up for nasal problems that nose clips can't solve and will give you the best experience.
EFFECTIVE USEFUL: When you're ready for bed, just hold your nose. No pain or damage to your nose can increase the breathing of air for sleep. Eliminate mild to moderate snoring.
SOFT COMFORTABLE: The Glove Anti-Snoring nose clip is high-quality. It is made of soft silicone, it is very comfortable, safe, and convenient to wear, suitable for any shape of nostril.
EASY TO USE & REUSABLE: Very convenient to operate. Just insert the clip into your nostrils, which is able to increase the airflow for better breathing and sleep aid, with no pain or harm to your nose. To eliminate mild to moderate snoring.
SPECIAL REMINDER , this product only works on snoring caused by nasal breathing. If snoring is caused by other aspects, you need to find a professional doctor for treatment.